Re-discover a giant form of Nepenthes sanguinea!

  • Cost: UK £2,390 per person for 17 days / 16 nights (all-inclusive from start point to end point).
  • Start Point: Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia.
  • End Point: Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.
  • Dates: July 25th to August 10th, 2020.
  • Group Size:  6–11.
  • Bespoke Tour: If you do not wish to join a group tour, we can customise a private trip to fit your dates and interests. Please email us for details and a quote.

This 17 day expedition takes you to explore three of Malaysia’s most spectacular Nepenthes locations. During our journey, we will encounter a wide diversity of Nepenthes species, as well as two of the most mysterious and least-documented of all Nepenthes taxa, namely:

  • a gigantic form of Nepenthes sanguinea from Mount Benom (see next page). Very few people have ever seen this taxon before and no one has properly photographed it. From the scant images that exist, it would appear this gigantic form is among the largest and most impressive of all pitcher plants!
  • the mysterious Nepenthes campanulata which grows on the cliffs of some of the world’s largest limestone caves. We will aim to photograph this species by use of drones (pending permission from Mulu NP).
    This expedition consists of three parts. You can come for all of this trip, or just one or two of the parts! We have specifically timed this trip to pair with the Giant Nepenthes Expedition. Come for part or all of that trip (see extension section below).

Part 1: We begin in Kuala Lumpur and set out to see Nepenthes macfarlanei, N. ramispina and N. sanguinea “typical form” in the Genting Highlands, before climbing Mount Benom to see the little-known N. sanguinea “gigantic form”, then (time allowing), we will visit N. benstonei and/or a stunning white form of N. macfarlanei.

Part 2: We will then fly to Kota Kinabalu to begin a trek up Mount Murud, which is one of Malaysia’s easiest and most rewarding highland Nepenthes mountains. We should see: Nepenthes vogelii, N. veitchii, N. reinwardtiana, N. fusca, N. mollis, N. murudensis, N. muluensis, N. lowii, N. tentaculata and many hybrids.

Part 3: We then fly to the spectacular Mulu National park to explore the famed limestone caves home to cliffside populations of Nepenthes campanulata as well as nearby populations of N. bicalcarata, N. hemsleyana, N. rafflesiana, N. ampullaria “green form”, “spotted form” and “red form” (and many hybrids).

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Adventure Itinerary

July 25th: We meet in Kuala Lumpur, Peninsular Malaysia and travel to the base of Mount Benom (also spelt Mount Benum). On the way, we detour to the Genting Highlands to take a cable car to reach populations of N. macfarlanei, N. ramispina and N. sanguinea “typical form”. We overnight in a local hotel near the park headquarters of Mount Benom. Dinner in a local restaurant.

July 26th - July 30th: We climb Mount Benom with the aim of refinding the gigantic form of Nepenthes sanguinea (see previous page), which looks to be one of the most impressive Nepenthes. Benom should take 5 days / 4 nights maximum. Camping in tents and cooked dinners in camp.

July 31st - August 1st: These days are deliberately left loose. Depending upon the date we descend from Mount Benom, we can decide our exact plan and how we wish to proceed. We should have time to visit N. benstonei and/or the Cameron Highlands to see stunning white forms of N. macfarlanei. We overnight in local hotels and dine in local restaurants. On the night of August 1st, we are back in Kuala Lumpur.

August 2nd: This morning, we fly from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo. Anyone who wishes to come only for Mount Benom can fly home today. Anyone who wants to come only for the Borneo section of this trip will meet us in Kota Kinabalu. We transfer from Kota Kinabalu to Lawas. Overnight in Lawas in local hotel and dine in local restaurant.

August 3rd: We drive from Lawas in 4WD vehicles to Bakelalan. Along the way, we look for populations of Nepenthes vogelii, N. veitchii, N. reinwardtiana, N. fusca and several other species (all of which have been photographed along this road in recent years). Overnight in Bakelalan in local hotel and dine in local restaurant.

August 4th - 6th: Ascend Mount Murud (surprisingly easy mountain - approx 4-6 hours) to reach the summit area, home to beautiful cloudforest filled with diverse orchids as well as Nepenthes mollis, N. fusca, N. reinwardtiana, N. murudensis, N. muluensis, N. lowii, N. tentaculata and many hybrids. A large camp consisting of wooden buildings has been constructed on the summit of Mount Murud. For the nights of August 4th and 5th, we sleep in these huts (tents not needed, but bring sleeping bags and roll matts). Dinner is hot camp food. On August 6th, we depart early and journey back to Bakelalan and overnight in Bakelalan in local hotel and dine in local restaurant.

August 7th: We drive in 4WD vehicles from Bakelalan back to Lawas for a late lunch, then back to Kota Kinabalu for dinner. Overnight in Kota Kinabalu in local hotel.

August 8th: We catch a morning flight from Kota Kinabalu to Mulu National Park. Overnight in Mulu lodge and dinner in a local restaurant. Depending upon our arrival time at Mulu, we may be able to visit Nepenthes populations today.

August 9th: We have an easy and enjoyable day in the stunning Mulu National Park. Within walking distance from our lodge, we visit really good lowland Nepenthes sites with N. bicalcarata, N. hemsleyana, N. rafflesiana, N. ampullaria “green form”, “spotted form” and “red form” (and many hybrids). We visit some of the world’s largest and most spectacular limestone caves, on the cliffs of which grows N. campanulata. While we can capture distant views of this species, we will seek permission from the park authorities prior to our visit to photograph N. campanulata on the cliffsides with drones (the first time this has ever been attempted). We have the option of visiting Paphiopedilum sanderianum populations, as well as other orchids. Overnight in Mulu lodge and dinner in a local restaurant.

August 10th: We fly out from Mulu National Park back to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysian Borneo and say our goodbyes at Kota Kinabalu Airpoirt after lunch. End of Tour. Participants fly out from Kota Kinabalu late this evening. Anyone wishing to undertake Mount Tambuyukon (or any other parts of the Giant Nepenthes Expedition) stays with the group.


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Getting there

Fly to either Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. Both are major hub airport cities and are accessible via airlines from airports across the world. Many low cost Asian airlines (such as Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines) fly from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur if required at the start of this trip. For the end of this trip, catch a low-cost local airline out from Kota Kinabalu, back to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore or onward.

Adventure Rating: Strenuous

This adventure involves multi-day hikes over significant distances on terrain that may be steep, rocky or unstable under foot.

Participants must be capable of challenging hikes and carrying a heavy pack with water, camera, tent and appropriate weather protection. River crossings may be necessary. In some cases local porterage can be arranged at cost.

Possible extensions

- We have specifically scheduled this expedition to take place immediately before the Giant Nepenthes Expedition. You can mix and match these trips, e.g., come for both the Mystery Nepenthes Expedition and the Giant Nepenthes Expedition back to back, or just part of the Mystery Nepenthes Expedition (e.g. Mount Murud and/or Mulu National Park) and part of the Giant Nepenthes Expedition (e.g. Mount Tambuyukon and Mount Trus Madi).

- Anyone wishing to come for just the Peninsular Malaysia section of this trip (for Genting Highlands, Mount Benom etc.) would be very welcome to come for that section only.

- Alternatively, we can set up a private tour (before or after the above itinerary) for you to visit: Mount Kinabalu (3 days extra), Borneo’s greatest mountain, to see N. tentaculata, N. villosa (Kinabalu form), N. x kinabaluensis, and/or Mt. Murud (5 days extra) to see Nepenthes mollis, N. fusca, N. reinwardtiana, N. murudensis, N. muluensis, N. lowii, N. tentaculata and many hybrids. - Plus many other Nepenthes mountains.

To get a quote for any extensions, simply mention which extension(s) you are interested in when you apply to Join this Adventure!

Simplified map of the Giant Nepenthes Adventure itinerary

What's Included

All transport during the itinerary
Professional guide
Porters for group logistics
Accommodation (on a twin/double basis)
All main meals during the itinerary

Note: single room upgrade is available at extra cost

What's Not

International flights
Personal porters (if requested)