Discover carnivores, orchids and wildflowers in WA!

  • Cost: US$3,580 per person for 14 days / 13 nights (all inclusive from start point to end point)
    (equivalent to approximately UK£2,650 or €3,275 at time of publication)
  • Start Point: Perth, Western Australia
  • End Point: Perth, Western Australia
  • Dates: August 27th to September 9th (but you can come for just one week if you prefer, for details please email us).
  • Group Size:  6–10
  • Bespoke Tour: If you do not wish to join a group tour, we can customise a private trip to fit your dates and interests. Please email us for details and a quote.

This itinerary visits a number of key regions across Western Australia that are known for their rich carnivorous plant flora, which includes the vast majority of Drosera (sundew) species worldwide, not to mention many Utricularia (bladderworts) and the unique Cephalotus (Albany Pitcher Plant). As the richest floristic region on the continent, virtually all sites visited also present a staggering array of orchids and other iconic Australian wildflowers, including Stylidium, Leschenaultia, Verticordia, Grevillea, Banksia, Hakea and Anigozanthos making this a fantastic trip for anyone with an interest in the floral kingdom, not to mention sweeping landscapes and beautiful national parks.

Numbers are strictly limited to 10 in order to safeguard the more delicate habitats that we visit. An indication of which species may be seen is provided below, however the exact assemblage seen will vary from year to year, with additional species often spotted. In general, one can expect to observe 60–75 different carnivorous plant species on this adventure. The precise itinerary is not shown on the accompanying map as the route may vary according to conditions, however the majority of ‘sites of interest’ will be visited during this adventure!

Come for ONE week or TWO weeks!

Join us for the whole two week expedition (August 27th to September 9th) and visit all 65 sites (and photograph up to 75 Drosera species, Cephalotus, Byblis and lots of Utricularia!).

Or you can come for the first week (August 27th to September 2nd) to see sites 1 to 21 (see itinerary), or just the second week (September 3rd to September 9th) to visit sites 22 to 65 (see itinerary).


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Adventure Itinerary


August 27th: Pick up in Perth and transfer to our first site to see:
SITE 1: Drosera sewelliae, Drosera erythrorhiza, Drosera stricticaulis, Drosera gigantea and Drosera glanduligera.
SITE 2: Drosera glanduligera, Drosera gigantea, Drosera porrecta, Drosera rosulata and Drosera menziesii.
SITE 3: Drosera walyunga and Drosera menziesii.

August 28th: Today we visit:
SITE 4: Drosera pallida.
SITE 5: Drosera bindoon.
SITE 6: Drosera sewelliae.

August 29th: Today we visit:
SITE 7: Drosera helodes, Drosera pallida and Drosera erythrorhiza.
SITE 8: Drosera barbigera.
SITE 9: Drosera citrina and Drosera erythrorhiza.

August 30th: Today we visit:
SITE 10: Drosera spilos, Drosera echinoblastus, Drosera erythrorhiza and Drosera glanduligera
SITE 11: Drosera coomallo.
SITE 12: Drosera barbigera, Drosera coomallo, Drosera spilos, Drosera porrecta and Drosera prolifera.

August 31th: Today we visit:
SITE 13: Drosera eneabba, Drosera erythrorhiza, Drosera porrecta and Drosera cyanosepala.
SITE 14: Byblis lamellata (note: some years this species does not grow and remains dormant as seed in the soil, but we will explore its habitat to try and find it!), Drosera cyanosepala and Drosera eneabba.
SITE 15: Drosera rechingeri, Drosera humilis and Drosera cyanosepala.

September 1st: Today we visit:
SITE 16: Drosera pedicellaris and Drosera humilis.
SITE 17: Drosera nivea, Drosera humilis and Drosera erythrorhiza.
SITE 18: Drosera spilos, Drosera humilis, Drosera erythrorhiza and Drosera menziesii.

September 2nd: Today we visit:
SITE 19: Drosera callistos, Drosera albonotata, Drosera bulbosa, Drosera stricticaulis, Drosera menziesii, Drosera glanduligera, Utricularia multifida and beautiful forests of grass trees.
SITE 20: Drosera barbigera and Drosera albonotata.
SITE 21: Drosera porrecta, Drosera erythrorhiza, Drosera miniata and Drosera scorpioides.

We drop by Perth airport to drop off anyone who wishes to come for the first 7 days only. For everyone else, we overnight in Perth, ready to continue our itinerary tomorrow morning.

We drop by Perth airport and/or any hotels in Perth to pick up anyone coming for just the last 7 days of the itinerary. We then travel onwards to the following sites:

September 3rd: Today we visit:
SITE 22: Drosera stolonifera, Drosera gigantea, Drosera subhirtella, Drosera rosulata, Drosera pallida, unknown pygmy Drosera, Drosera glanduligera.
SITE 23: Drosera stolonifera, Drosera glanduligera, Utricularia multifida, Utricularia violacea, Drosera rosulata, Drosera gigantea, Drosera hyperostigma, Drosera spilos, and Byblis gigantea.
SITE 24: Drosera gigantea, Drosera porrecta, Drosera stolonifera, Drosera rosulata, Utricularia multifida, Drosera menziesii, Drosera glanduligera and Drosera pallida.
SITE 25: Drosera nitidula, Drosera pulchella, Drosera hyperostigma, Drosera menziesii, Utricularia multifida, Drosera gigantea, Utricularia petertaylorii, Utricularia benthamii, and kangaroo paw.
SITE 26: Drosera hyperostigma, Drosera platystigma, Drosera pulchella, Drosera rosulata, Drosera stolonifera and grass trees.

September 4th: Today we visit:
SITE 27: Drosera pulchella and Drosera patens.
SITE 28: We visit the spectacular Ware Rock and see Drosera macrantha, Drosera bulbosa, Drosera stricticaulis and Drosera yilgarnensis.
SITE 29: Drosera rupicola, Drosera menziesii, Drosera pallida, Drosera glanduligera, Drosera lowriei and orchids.
SITE 30: Drosera graniticola, Drosera macrantha and Drosera glanduligera.
SITE 31: Drosera grievei.

September 5th: Today we visit:
SITE 32: Drosera salina.
SITE 33: Drosera salina and Stylidium pulviformae.
SITE 34: Drosera scorpioides “white flower form” and Drosera sargentii.
SITE 35: Drosera scorpioides “white flower form”, Drosera sargentii, Drosera pulchella, Drosera australis, Drosera stricticaulis, Drosera menziesii and Utricularia tenella.
SITE 36: Utricularia menziesii, Drosera esperensis, Drosera scorpioides “white flower form”, Drosera sargentii, Drosera menziesii and Drosera indumenta.
SITE 37: Drosera australis, Utricularia tenella and Utricularia violacea.
SITE 38: Utricularia westonii.
SITE 39: Drosera androsacea, Drosera purpurascens, Drosera glanduligera, Drosera menziesii and Drosera tubaestylis.
SITE 40: Drosera purpurascens, Drosera aff. menziesii, Drosera leucoblasta, Drosera glanduligera, Drosera gigantea, Drosera stricticaulis and Drosera bulbosa.

September 6th: Today we visit:
SITE 41: Drosera micrantha, Drosera bulbosa, Drosera glanduligera, Drosera gigantea and Drosera menziesii.

SITE 42: Drosera gibsonii.
SITE 43: Drosera scorpioides “pink flower form”, Drosera bulbosa, Drosera purpurascens and Drosera micrantha.
SITE 44: We climb Bluff Knoll (an easy trek up the mountain, approximately 2 hours up and 2 hours down), to see Drosera monticola, Drosera modesta and Drosera pulchella.
SITE 45: Drosera lasiantha and Drosera pallida.

September 7th: Today we visit:
SITE 46: Drosera pulchella, Drosera microscapa, Drosera pallida, Drosera sulphurea, Drosera bulbosa, Drosera platypoda, Cephalotus follicularis and Utricularia simplex.
SITE 47: Cephalotus follicularis, Drosera pulchella, Drosera microscapa and Drosera sulphurea.
SITE 48: Drosera glanduligera, Utricularia tenella, Drosera erythrogyne, Drosera menziesii, Utricularia menziesii, Drosera bulbosa and Drosera aff squamosa “South Coast Form”.
SITE 49: Utricularia tenella, Utricularia simplex, Drosera pulchella,and Drosera microscapa,
SITE 50: Cephalotus follicularis, Drosera paleacea, Drosera pulchella, Drosera sulphurea, Utricularia volubilis and Utricularia simplex.

September 8th: Today we visit:
SITE 51: Drosera microphylla, Drosera purpurascens, Drosera pallida, Drosera erythrogyne and Drosera glanduligera.
SITE 52: Cephalotus follicularis and Drosera pulchella.
SITE 53: Drosera hamiltonii, Drosera aff squamosal, Drosera pulchella and Drosera platypoda.
SITE 54: Drosera glanduligera and Utricularia multifida.
SITE 55: Drosera roseana, Drosera pulchella, Drosera aff squamosal, Utricularia tenella, Cephalotus follicularis, Drosera glanduligera, flying duck orchid and hammer orchid.
SITE 56: Drosera roseana, flying duck orchid and hammer orchids.
SITE 57: Drosera glanduligera, hammer orchids and flying duck orchids.
SITE 58: Drosera enodes, Drosera pulchella and Drosera myriantha.
SITE 59: Drosera pulchella, Drosera tubaestylis, Utricularia benthamii, Utricularia multifida and Utricularia multifidi “white flower form”.
SITE 60: Drosera tubaestylis, Drosera gigantea “red form”, Utricularia multifida, Utricularia violacea and Utricularia inaequalis.
SITE 61: Drosera stelliflora and Drosera glanduligera.

September 9th: Today we visit:
SITE 62: Drosera porrecta and Drosera silvicola.
SITE 63: Utricularia multifida, Drosera glanduligera, Drosera occidentalis, Utricularia violacea, Drosera gigantea, Drosera tubaestylis and Drosera pulchella.
SITE 64: Drosera platypoda, Drosera squamosa and Drosera pallida.
SITE 65: Drosera tubaestylis, Drosera pulchella, Drosera mannii and Drosera glanduligera.

We then transfer to the airport in time for departing flights.


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Getting there

This adventure begins and ends in Perth, Western Australia, a city that is served by various airlines including Emirates, Cathay Pacific, AirAsia, Malaysia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Air New Zealand and of course the major domestic carriers Qantas, Virgin Australia, Jetstar and Tiger. Flights can be easily booked through all major airline websites.

Adventure Rating: Relaxing

No strenuous trekking is required for this adventure or, if present, such treks are minimal and can be substituted for alternate activities.

Participants must be capable of walking on uneven ground and carrying a day pack with water, camera and appropriate weather protection.
Carnivorous Plants of Western Australia simplified itinerary

What's Included

All transport during the itinerary
Professional guide
Accommodation (on a twin/double basis)
All main meals during the itinerary

Note: single rooms are available at extra cost

What's Not

International flights