Visit the spectacular Avenue of the Baobabs and explore Kirindy

We often organise this short trip as an “add on” extension to our Wildlife of Madagascar Expeditions, allowing participants to undertake this itinerary before or after their main Madagascar adventure.

The Avenue of the Baobabs is dirt road that runs from Morondava. Along a 260 m stretch of the road, there stand approximately 25 majestic baobab trees that are up to 30 m tall. The baobab species found here is Adansonia grandidieri which occurs nowhere else on Earth. The largest trees are many centuries old and are remnants of a dense forest that once dominated much of the west of the island. The Avenue of the Baobabs is the best place in Madagascar to capture iconic baobab photographs, and is particularly beautiful at sunrise and sunset.

Kirindy’s two protected areas offer some of the highest concentrations of primates on Earth, with seven lemur species (Madame Berthe’s mouse, red-fronted brown, pale fork-marked, grey mouse, Coquerel’s dwarf, fat-tailed dwarf, red-tailed sportive andVerreaux’s sifaka). Madame Berthe’s mouse lemur is the smallest primate in the world, being just 9.2 cm long when mature, and weighing just 30 g. The Kirindy reserves are also the best place in Madagascar to see the island’s top predator, the cat-like fossa, which hunts many of the lemur species, and the unusual Labord’s chameleon. We can organise visits to the Kirindy Private Reserve to the north east of Morondava (which is good for combining as a day trip with the Avenue of the Baobabs), and the larger Kirindy Mitea National Park to the south of Morondava. Much of the wildlife hibernates during the dry season (from March to November), and the vegetation is brown and the trees are leafless. Animals and plants come to life in the rainy season when temperature can reach 40 °C or more.

BESPOKE TOUR: We organise this trip as a private trip to fit your dates and suit your interests. Please email us for details and a quote. 

Our standard trip is below, but this can be lengthened or reduced to just a three day trip if required. It is advisable to coincide visits with Air Madagascar’s flight schedule for flights from Antananarivo to Morondava. Flying to Morondava and back can be undertaken in 1 day each way, whereas driving takes 2 days each way (although there are several nature reserves that can be visited en-route).


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Adventure Itinerary

Day 1: Fly from Antananarivo to Morondava. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in a local hotel.  

Day 2: Very early transfer from Morondava to the Avenue of the Baobabs (about 2 hours driving) for sunrise views of the baobabs. Spend the day at Kirindy Private Reserve and return to the Avenue of Baobabs at sunset. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in a local hotel.

Days 3 and 4: Transfer to Kirindy Mitea National Park and explore trails with a guide. Dinner in a local restaurant. Overnight in a local hotel.

Day 5: Transfer to Morondava airport, and flight back to Antananarivo.

It is possible to condense this trip into just three days (Day 1 fly to Morondava, Day 2 visit Avenue of the Baobabs and Kirindy Private Reserve, Day 3 fly back to Antananarivo).


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Getting there

We can organise this trip to start at any point in Madagascar, but Antananarivo is usually the most convenient beginning and end point. 


Adventure Rating: Relaxing

No strenuous trekking is required for this adventure or, if present, such treks are minimal and can be substituted for alternate activities.

Participants must be capable of walking on uneven ground and carrying a day pack with water, camera and appropriate weather protection.
Simplified Map of the Avenue of the Baobabs Adventure

What's Included

All transport during the itinerary
Professional guide
Porters for group logistics
Accommodation (on a twin/double basis)
All main meals during the itinerary

Note: single room upgrade is available at extra cost

What's Not

International flights
Personal porters (if requested)