Redfern Adventures organises carefully planned, specialist eco-tours to unusual and exciting destinations where few other travel companies operate. We offer the discerning traveller the opportunity to experience and observe exotic wildlife, unusual cultures and outstanding landscapes in distant corners of the globe.


We are about to launch our 2022 expedition catalogue with a brand new range of wildlife destinations! Join us on an adventures in 2022 to Guyana, Botswana, the Falkland Islands, Papua (Indonesia), as well as Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Malaysian Borneo, the Philippines, Madagascar, Brazil, Komodo (Indonesia) and many other exciting countries.


For Summer 2021, we have partnered with Darwin200 ( and have chartered a spectacular tallship called Pelican of London to journey around the British archipelago, to explore the UK’s most spectacular islands. Sail with us on Pelican of London and explore breath-taking lochs and pass dramatic castles. We will land (where possible) to see circles of ancient standing stones, the abandoned villages of the mysterious ‘lost’ island of St Kilda, spot whales and seals, and pass immense cliffside seabird colonies!

Click here to join the Darwin200 UK voyage.